February 7th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Connie and Ted in the new-run world......

As we all know, Connie's next grab for the brass ring occurred when the Pattersons were on vacation and she ran into John's friend, Ted McCauley. Even though it was clear as crystal that he did not sympathize with the women's movement, had a roving eye, gave her a laundry list of impossible expectations that she had to meet and was "blessed" with a domineering old shrew of a widowed mother who hated the idea that her son would leave home and join the human race, she still thought the horrifically damaging relationship with him was better than being a single mother with no prospects. She bent herself awkward trying to please this goof and she had no encouragement from the Pattersons to do so. I expect that this will change a lot in the new order. First off, he'll probably respond to that personal ad she's writing in the strip that ran on 7 February 2009. Next, the John who thought this was as stupid an idea as her pursuit of Phil will be replaced by RetJohn who wants to see Connie hook up with his loser buddy because he thinks that he's helping. Finally, this will happen a lot quicker and be more stupid and degrading than the original.