February 26th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

John Patterson: the living target.....

As we all know, the John of the earliest years did make at the very least a token effort at helping around the house. He didn't want to get all "domesticated" or anything but he also didn't want to be thought of as a lazy shnook who let his wife work herself to a frazzle either. Besides, the opportunist in him saw a quick and easy way to get some brownie points (among other things.) The problem with the new-runs, as I've said before, is that Lynn is making the people of the remote past act and think like the people of the present day. Since, as I've said before, the John of 2008 manifested himself as an absence when it came time to do chores, new-run John simply piles the work on Elly. This serves Lynn's present-day agenda of vilifying her ex so we can look forward to Elly being so burnt out that she needs a yearly escape from her jerk husband - who will leave a huge mess for her to clean up when she reutrns- and ungrateful kids who refuse to understand that she's not their slave.