March 26th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Connie and Ted reconsidered yet again.

As you know, the original strip had Connie and Ted fall into a rather messy relationship pretty much by accident; she hadn't meant to fall for him but, despite his being a patronizing jerk, Ted had a little-boy-lost quality about him that Connie found appealing. She also thought that if she could somehow wean him away from his mother, he'd make a pretty good husband. Unfortunately, his roving eye and churlish attitude got in the way and messed things up; this was a shame since he was starting to bond with Lawrence. He'd tried to recreate their relationship after it fell apart but it didn't work out. This, of course, was back when Ted was a plausible-looking young gadabout; we could believe that he was a hot-to-trot young rakehell who didn't need a family slowing him down. Now that he's a pathetic, drunken wreck whose conquests occur only in his dreams, it should be safe to say that Connie would instead trying to resist his ludicrous advances and complaining about his antipathy to Lawrence's presence. This is, of course, to show us that, despite not having a husband, Connie is a paragon of virtue and common sense.