May 24th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

The non-impact of the children's book.

As has been said many times, "Farley follows his nose" is yet another failed initiative of Lynn's to try to turn the Pattersons into a franchise. She failed with the stuffed toy because she didn't pay attention to details and she's failing with the book because she doesn't know the market and she didn't put in the effort required to do well. She seems to have gotten it in to her head that people would line up and buy a book about a character they barely remember produced by a woman they can't quite recall because she's Lynn Johnston. Long-term readers of the strip might buy the thing to fill a slot in their collection but other than that she really isn't going to penetrate the market very well. Given her visible lack of mental investment, as indicated by the failed interview, it seems unlikely that she realizes that her dreams of cornering that market are unrealistic. My personal opinion is that she won't be invited to make this mistake again.