August 4th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Apologies and other failures......

As you've noticed, the Pattersons have a difficult time realizing that their behavior is so inappropriate, they must make amends. We see John not understand how his witless insults affect Elly, Elly not see that her ill-tempered bellowing and snap decisions based on incomplete information hurt her children and Mike not realize that he cannot pick on Liz merely because she's in the way of his receiving every last shred of parental attention like he thinks he's entitled to it. Since they don't know right from wrong, they rarely apologize; when they do, they further prove their essential lack of remorse by making really sucky apologies. Usually, we get a huffy "I'm sorry you feel that way" that makes it obvious that the Patterson thinks that the other person is the one with the problem and that the offending doofus is the injured party.