September 2nd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Of Sawdust Burgers, Banana Splats and Plausible Myths.

One of my favorite shows is Discovery Channel's Mythbusters; it's not only or even primarily because it's fun to watch Jamie and Adam blow stuff up or smash things to bits. The main attraction is that they wreck things in the name of proving things right or wrong. In that spirit, I'd like to revisit my earlier supposition that the real cause of the revolting manner in which the Pattersons eat is based on the fact that Lynn is, as not_bridgett said, an anorexic who subsists on celery and Melba toast having a fever dream about what the people who lack the self-control she prides herself on eat. We've seen that the Pattersons eat greaseburgers with extra bacon, tuna-cardiac-arrest casseroles and extra-gooey Sundaes on a regular basis. What the most recent new-ruins teach us is that other people also indulge themselves on menu choices called Groaner burgers, Banana Splatts and Goo-balls; This, along with Lynn's love of snacking, would cause Savage and Hyneman to agree that that myth was indeed Plausible.