September 3rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

The Return of Deanna

I was going to remind myself of why it is that Mike and Liz were, to put it kindly, indifferent students today but something happened to delay that: Deanna returned and it wasn't simply hand-waved away. We had every right to expect that just as Lynn back-pedalled on the size of Annie's family and whether Mike was attending prescool, she'd simply plop Dee on the landscape without explanation. If people were to point this out, her fans would exhort them to not think about what they read and enjoy their bullcrap sandwich. The fact that Lynn has decided to call attention to her return tells me that she's decided to fill the gap she punched in the timeline by introducing Farley prematurely by having all the characters whine about how Evil Mira wanted to evilly ruin everyone's happiness with her evil ambitions; the Twoo Wuv that Mike and Dee share was only saved because Wilf managed to save his family from his evil wife's evilly wanting to win all the time and provide them with social, cultural and monetary advantages that were not being provided by being Touched By Pattersons. Unless they build their cities with the blessings of the Foobs, they buildeth in vain.