September 15th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Charity and other completely baffling things.....

As howtheduck reminds us, Rod's charitable impulses and good works for his community never seem to have been important enough to Lynn to rate commemoration in the strip. His love of the outdoors was transferred to Paul, his love of flying to Warren and his hobbies to John but not his being the flying dentist, his trips overseas to provide care for the disadvantaged or his volunteerism. The closest we came was Deanna and Connie's trying to work all those nasty adventurous impulses out of their system and thus growing up to be steady, regular women. It almost seems to me that Lynn doesn't understand charity because she cannot understand giving without getting something in return. This might explain why it was that Dee and Mike feared Mira's gifts to them and preferred Elly's acting like a Mafia loanshark; it was a given to Lynn and thus to them that Mira would want something for her trouble and since she wouldn't say what it was, it was probably bad.