September 19th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Mommy's little sociopath: how John turned into a patronizing sack of crap....

John's most annoying belief is that the women in his immediate vicinity exist primarily to serve his needs and ignore their own; we see that when he regards Elly's feelings that the life of a suburban housewife isn't all rainbows and sunshine as a confusing obstacle to work around and we see it when he belly-aches about how the needs of his staff get in the way of his hateful desire to be in complete control of all he surveys. Usually this happens when a boy is over-indulged as a child by a sea of hovering femininity; this leads the impressionable child to grow weak, soft and callous as he develops the opinion that this is a law of nature. In John's case, it's slightly different; like Michael after him, he was born without the capacity to feel empathy for those around him. This meant that he didn't see his mother Carrie as a person in her own right with needs, hopes and dreams of her own; he instead saw someone who was supposed to come running when he needed the least thing; upon being corrected, his resentment against women grew and grew. Eventually, he'd marry someone who wanted to feel bad all the time and lived crappily ever after.