September 22nd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

The tyranny that is politeness.

As we all know, Elly's first instinct in any social situation is to have a God-damned meltdown. It doesn't matter what the stimulus is, the response is always the same; she stands there yelling her head off while waving her index figure in the air at the person who wants to dominate her. This is always followed by storming out the room in a huff and days of not wanting to admit that she could have handled the situation better. This tends to make her unemployable so she's forced against her will to say words that she would never say if the Man weren't trying to keep her down, destroy her creativity and silence her voice; these hated words the Patriarchy insist on making her say are the hated "Please", "Excuse Me", "I'm sorry" and, worst of all, "Thank You". Pretending that she cares about the feelings of the people that stream through the door of her work environment is a cruel, exacting burden that leaves her exhausted. It's crap like this that makes a certain bespectacled strawman have what we would call a point.</p>