September 27th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Mira is Annie is Mira.....

There's another reason that Annie is an inferior parent in Elly's eyes; according to our hero, she lets the kids walk all over her and lets herself descend to their level intellectually. Translated from Lynnglish to English, that means that she takes time out of her day to play with them as well as taking an active interest in their lives and, worst of all, telling them that she loves them as human beings. This is anathema to Elly because it gets in the way of feeling sorry for herself and wondering how she got where she was. As Annie was forced into the background, a new exponent of "over-indulgent" parenting from a "haughty", "domineering" "moral monster" emerged: Mira Sobinski. Watching Deanna fret and fume about the injustice of her mother taking an active interest in her grandchildren instead of doing it the right way and making them sit very still so as to make their brains atrophy to the point that they mo longer miss the stimulation they aren't supposed to want, need or get is almost as unintentionally funny-in-a-disgusting-way as being told that Elly is a great old gal for wanting to control everyone's life because she was too stupid and ungrateful to live her own. I mean, the only thing Mira ever asked of anyone was a big wedding; Elly's hunger for praise can never be sated.