September 28th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

The nonsensical return of the Sobinskis.....

The only reassuring part of the arc in which Deanna's return is explained to us is the sure knowledge that Mike will be a stumbling fool who makes one stupid, humiliating mistake after the next which lead to Deanna treating him like something she scraped off the soles of her shoes. Although it's not normal for six-year olds to act like this, it is normal for a boy with a crush to embarrass himself at every turn in this sort of story line. Too bad for Lynn that it doesn't distract us from the stupid and amazingly implausible reason she gave for the Sobinski's return. While it is true that sometimes one cannot unload one's old house, that isn't going to present a real stumbling block to a transfer; after all, they could easily have rented the place out. Even if the transfer itself fell through and they were forced to return to Milborough, Wilf couldn't simply get his old job back as it had been filled in his absence. Since Lynn has no idea how things work in the real world, it should have been obvious that their return would be inexplicable to those of us who live here. We can look forward to the story sinking to new depths of irrationality and lunacy as the weeks go on.