September 29th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Another reason why Connie is better than Annie.....

There's another reason that comes to mind why Elly will eventually downgrade Annie from "friend" to "casual acquaintance": Annie's refusal to believe in her own infallibilty. Connie is a better fit for Elly as she blames other people for her own problems as the following examples will indicate:
  •  ITEM: Paolo Da Silva (known to her as Pablo de Silva owing to her inability or refusal to realize the such a language as Portuguese exists) refused to marry her because she did not see that his having to get a job waiting tables or seeling used cars while waiting for his Brazilian MD to be accepted by the Canadian government was a problem; the breakdown occurred not because she was a huffy twit who didn't give a toss about his dignity as such as it was his irrational pride.
  • ITEM: Instead of trying to do anything silly like allay her stepdaughters' fears, her first instinct was to basically tell them to bend down and pucker up; their reluctance to bow down to her bullying was ascribed to their being stuck-up little princesses.
  • ITEM:  Her frigid relationship with her son Lawrence is supposedly all his fault because he turned out gay and thus deprived her of grandchildren to ignore and the ability to make an ugly fool of herself at a wedding.
Let's constrast her behavior with Annie's and see what sort of fool she is:
  • ITEM: When daughter Leah was born with an extra digit on each hand, she blamed a genetic quirk she had no control over on her not being sufficiently vigilant during the pregnancy.
  • ITEM:  When she finally caught Steve in a lie and learned he'd been cheating for years, she didn't ascribe it to his being too damned antsy to be satisfied with monogamy but on her own defects as a wife.
While it's obvious that her blaming herself for things that aren't remotely her fault is as annoying as Connie's pointing the finger of blame everywhere else but at herself, Elly prefers the latter brand of idiocy. After all, she doesn't want to start thinking that it might be her fault that her life feels empty or that John doesn't get what wrong and she especially doesn't want to think that it might be her fault that her kids are messed up.