October 21st, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Foob: The animated series.

Now that Lynn and Steph have gone to all the trouble of putting the clips from what I assume is their official YouTube channel onto the website, I suppose it's time to discuss the animated series in a bit of depth. Back in 2000, the Canadian cable station Teletoon, which is roughly our equivalent to Cartoon Network, had commissioned an animated adaptation of the strip and produced sixteen episodes of, well, loose adaptations of classic story lines and anecdotes of Life at the Pattermanse that we allegedly never got to see. The animation, which was for some reason produced in India instead of Korea, was on the clunky side, the voice acting (which featured Lynn as Elly) was pedestrian and, since Lynn had somehow seemed to have managed to wrangle a measure of control of the writing from the story editor, strip-quality. This means that something that could have been our version of the Simpsons wound up becoming an almost-forgotten failed experiment as well as a waste of Canadian tax money. When you contrast them with the specials, it's even more painful to watch.