November 19th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

The Foob plague....

As you know, the generally-accepted theory is that Elly will miss another class due to illness, fail to keep up with her course work and thus be forced to give up on her attempt to get her first-year English in; we can also look forward to misguided wingnut John coming to the silly conclusion "University plus Elly equals Illness due to exhaustion" and trying to convince her of the same odd premise. The problem is that she isn't going to be sufficiently martyred if that happens nor sufficiently resentful of her family; being the only one whose back bends or capable of doing loads of clothes isn't going to make the cut either. What has to happen is that the Pattersons suddenly are forced to not be able to make better arrangments for Mike so that he has no chance to avoid getting sick; this means that Elly has to either relapse or delay getting better to look after him. This also allows confused philosopher John to come up with the brain fart "Elly plus outside interests equals disaster" and have a new incentive to feel her pain but still insist that she wait until the kids are older before getting a job or working towards her B.A.