January 4th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Michael, the fall-out boy.

The on-coming juxtaposition of Elly slowly boiling over with rage because her dopeyevil kid brother Phil is trying his best to tell Connie that she's a swell girl and will one day make a lucky guy very happycallously toying with Connie's affections because Connie doesn't want to listen to him letting her down as easily as humanly possibleis under his evil spell with her threatening to spank Mike because he wants attention when she's too busy feeling sorry for herself makes a point that Lynn probably did not intend to make. Simply put, Elly seems to be taking out her anger over things that she thinks she should be able to control on people who aren't really involved. The catalog has shown us other examples of "Elly is upset at John/Phil/Ted/The Whole Frikking World for reasons that only make sense to her so she yells at Mike/Lizzie/April/Farley just because." As I said, she never planned to make this point and probably wouldn't see it but it is there, right in front of us. Since she also, despite what most people in the world might believe, thinks that the Mike who loathes the idea of interacting with his own childen is a great father, she also isn't going to admit that this sort of nonsense has turned him into an emotional cripple.