January 7th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

The bridging of the gap

In a recent blog entry, howtheduck noticed that Lynn left a fairly large gap to be bridged before she can go to straight reprints. That's because she used a lot of the strips that surrounded the "Connie goes to Montréal arc" last year and thus cannot use them now. It seems to him that what she will do is to fill that in with strips that show us that Elly, despite being talented and wanting to do well in night school, will have her ambitions curtailed by an outside influence. Given that we're in for an extended arc that "shows" us that her not paying attention to Mike leads to his getting into mischief, it's clear that she'll be forced to scale back her goals because of him. This, as I said before, sort of colors what we will see later on; Michael will be seen as a sullen and more enduring obstacle to her hopes and dreams and thus a more appropriate target for her revenge than John. In the fullness of time, she'll own every last horse he has to pay him back for what he's doing in the here and now. The second bridging sequence will appear some time in the last few days of March as John and Elly get ready for the parents-teacher conference that will probably lead us into the era of straight reprints. After that, Elly will decide that she'd rather not buy a new electric can opener because it costs 'too much' only to turn around and bellow at John because he bought a stereo with his tax refund and we'll be back to where Lynn should have started over in the first place.