February 7th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Elly, the romantic saboteur

The odd thing about this current arc is that it doesn't actually resolve the issues raised. Connie will still be attracted to Phil despite getting the harsher brush-off that Lynn will no doubt write this next week and will always have some corner of her soul that finds him appealing. What's more, the Connie that boasted about being a great mother two years ago remembers that she loved Phil (and Ted) very much. She knows that her destiny is the one she and Greg built together but that doesn't mean that she's going to pretend that she didn't love all the other men in her life. This positive characteristic, this refusal to be stupid leaves her vulnerable to manipulation by her saboteur friend Elly. The ability Elly has to exploit a belief she finds unbelievable is something bordering on the ironic; Liz had to get the foolish notion that she didn't actually love people she'd loved from somewhere and the best possible source of that ridiculous idea has to be from her unimaginative drone of a mother. As we've seen, Elly's need to have something to feel miserable and anxious about drives her to both encourage and discourage Connie's romances to people she disapproves of; we'll see that in a few months' time when she misleads Connie into thinking that Phil had reconsidered what he said at the jazz club. About the only thing that part-way absolves our idiot friend is that Phil actually does reconsider what he's about to say; despite Elly's clear belief that he and most men are heartless cheaters who cheat, the image of a dejected woman at a jazz club troubles Phil's conscience and makes him want to make things right. Sadly for all, by the time he does, Connie and Ted will have split up and it'll be a case of too little, too late: Elly's need to meddle will have wrecked Connie's life again.