February 12th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Elly and Connie: the image and the reality....

A long time ago, I'd posted two blog entries that posited that Lynn had created two fictional versions of her children. It seemed to me that Mike and Liz were what she wanted Aaron and Katie to be while Weed and Candace are who they were in real life. She seems to have done the same thing with Elly. Despite feeling old, useless and never having made a difference or accomplished anything worthwhile, our hero has had a great life. She's had the third child that biology denied both Lynn and Connie, she's got her children married off and cranking out grandkids for her to neglect and she's owning everyone's horses. Contrast that with Connie; Connie has had a rather rough go of it. She spent a lot more time being a single mother than she wanted, she and her son are distant for reasons she won't admit to, she only got to be friends with her stepdaughters after they left home, she's insecure about her looks, she's far more timid than Elly is and she's willing to endure far more crap from the men in her life. What is more, she knows that Elly has the grandchildren and docile, well-trained husband she yearns for but will never have and thus spends her time wishing she were Elly. Based on the fact that Connie spent her life telling Elly that she would kill to have her problems, I should think that Elly is who Lynn wants to be while Connie comes closer to being who she really is; that's why it seemed right that the author avatar we saw in the Strip Of Destiny looked a lot like Connie.