May 4th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Harry Klinghorn, the man, the myth, the stupid hat....

Now that I've gotten my hatred of how Batiuk has made his characters look haggard and aged off my chest, I'd like to talk about the other member of the Core Four who isn't a mess: 'Crazy' Harry Klinghorn. He bears a distinct similarity to Bull in that he was able to transcend who he was in high school and carve out a decent life for himself. His beginnings were not all that auspicious; what greeted our eyes back then was a shy, somewhat eccentric young man wearing a cap who really didn't seem to fit into the blackboard jungle. Just as Les's machine gun turned out to be a prop, his living out of his locker seemed to draw not on his being the fun-personified character we saw but on, well, his having a rather unhappy home life. Where he really excelled was at the local arcade; the problem, of course, was that even there he faced an uphill battle. That's because he always had to face another gamer: a mysterious figure wearing a motorcycle helmet called the Eliminator. 'He' was tough competition. 'He' was relentless. 'He' was a young woman named Donna. More about the two of them in the next installment.