May 6th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Modern Day Harry.....

The interesting thing about the Harry of the Third Phase is that the youngest of his three children is more or less a female version of the odd human being he was in high school. Sure, she inherited her looks and red hair from her mother but she inherited her need to spout non-sequiturs and wear a hat at all times from her dad. More interesting still is that, unlike most of the second generation, Maddie's life isn't filled with too much drama; she isn't like Summer or Keisha who are probably destined to watch as Suicide Girl does what she did back when Les and Lisa were floundering romantically: playing the "I want my beloved to be happy" card. She also isn't wandering around like Jinx Bushka wondering why her adoptive father frets about how athletic she isn't. What she's got is a father who might finally have to deal with a touch of the same stresses that his peers do; that's because, as we know, the postal service is falling on hard times. Since the iron rice bowl has rusted through, we're probably in for Harry coming in and cleaning up the mess Funky made of Montoni's.