June 17th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Work: the first guilt group....

For most of the strip's run, 'Cathy' was mostly centered around her place of work; as such, we had the standard clueless supervisor who enforces idiotic policies and gender stereotypes he's too stupid to understand, let alone question and what could be called the prototypes for Connie and Annie from FBorFW: Andrea and Charlene. Her moron boss seems to have a fetish for filling out forms about, well, how many forms have been filled out owing to the strange belief that the mass slaughter of forests is what makes the world work, Andrea, who started out preaching red-hot feminist rhetoric, is now a firm advocate of raising children and Charlene is there to make Cathy feel inadequate in her own right. What really makes her feel guilty about work is that part of her believes the angry, stupid complaints Irving used to make about her having a job at all; since she's internalized her mother's more simplistic way of thinking, she never quite realized that her having a job made him feel less of a man. Not that he's much of one; the 'man' I see is a stupid, overgrown little boy who needs weaning away from his Mommy. I'll go more in depth about him tomorrow.