June 21st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

The fifth of four guilts: children.

A cursory reading of Guisewite's biography tells us that she and her husband have two children; since she's raising his child, she can safely be stated to be a reverse Lynn Johnston. The fact that they're adults and that it took forever to marry her avatar off seems to have made her come to the conclusion that it would probably not make much sense to turn the strip into a full-on domestic comedy about Cathy and Irving raising kids. This is not only because she takes her sweet time doing things, it's because she remembers that her main character is not good with kids at all. What I take away from her testy over-reaction to excruciatingly average behavior is that Cathy tends to see children as something of a nuisance; also, she fears that she'd give her mother even more control over her life than she has now. As I said earlier, I should think that as a grandmother, she'd have even more ability to try to drown Cathy in her lethal, mind-numbing, personality-warping kindness. Besides, Cathy believes that the need to be a mother has been handled already; that's because she lavishes a lot of attention on her dog, Elektra. Since the pooch is incapable of talking back, she's better than a human child; it's a good thing that she cannot because she thinks that Cathy is an idiot.