August 26th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

The sweetest baboo.....

 To continue on with our look at Linus, we have to remember three things. The first thing is that he's just a little smarter, a little bit better spoken and a lot more coordinated than Charlie Brown is. This came into play during the Christmas special when he explained that Christmas was about Christ and not pink aluminum trees. That being said, we also note that he does not sugar-coat his opinions to make it easier on the kid with the zigzag stripe on his shirt. As he would put it, he owes Charlie Brown his honesty. One of the things that he's most loudly honest about is his doomed crush on a Miss Othmar; it really hurt him when reality got in the way of his fantasy relationship with her. Sadly, he is a child and thus does not realize that he's put Sally in much the same spot. Were you to point out that she has as much right to crush on him as he does on someone else, he would reject your reality and substitute his own.