September 14th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

On odd traditions.....

Another way in which we can tell that Charlie Brown and Calvin are on different trajectories in life is their vastly different annual traditions; as we know, every year, the Blockhead swears that he's going to kick that ball clear to the moon and every year, Lucy pulls it away at the last second and makes some nasty remark about how she's right to crush his hopes over and over again. The fact that he doesn't react appropriately tells me that he accepts the bully's authority over him and is doomed to be the sort of Nice Guy who has no hooooooooome and dreams of opening up a bed-and-breakfast. Watterson, on the other hand, doesn't try to humanize his bully, Moe; his comment about how people like him spawn fully-formed from the ooze in order to terrorize small children tells me that he doesn't accept their presence any more than Calvin does. The odd annual tradition of creating bizarre snowmen that alarm the neighbors tells me that Calvin has a low boredom coefficient, a lot of energy to spend and a slightly-overheated imagination; once it's seen as a good thing instead of as a source of embarrassment, he's on his way to the same sort of life as his father: a good job, a nice home, a kid that exasperates him and a father who brings up all the crazy crap he did as a kid.