September 21st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Jon Arbuckle: strangest of the strangers in Davis's strange land.

 A lot of people forget that the Garfield merchandizing machine has, as it basis, a strip that used to be an underground comic about a cartoonist named Jon Arbuckle; Garfield was supposed to be the sidekick Scooby Doo was also originally intended to be. What Davis wanted to show us was the life of a young man who was not nearly as cool, suave, stylish, handsome and so on and so forth as he thought he was as he stumbled his way through life not quite realizing how his lack of social skills kept him from the good things in life; he was also supposed to share his frustrations with his friend Lyman who had issues of his own that were meant to be explored. The problem, of course, is that much as Fonzie took over Happy Days and as, due to Fred Silverman's reading the results of a focus group's comments on a series called Mysteries Five about how the talking dog was the most appealing character, the Scooby Doo phenomenon was launched on the world, what could have been the strip Arbuckle about a male Cathy became a orange-with-black-striped monstrosity designed to separate people from their money.