November 8th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

Artistic failings in the Candisphere.

As I’ve implied on this blog and said on other communities, one of the things that most irritated me about For Better or For Worse is Lynn’s failings as an artist; she can’t draw feet to save her life, won’t erase her mistakes, used to draw hands that had twelve-inch long fingers and loves the sort of comically bulbous nose that graces such ultra-realistic figures as Elmer Fudd, Quincy Magoo and Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. I’ve also condemned Batiuk’s need to make everyone in the Funkyverse look like a sixty year old cancer survivor. It should thus come as no real surprise that the deteriorating artwork in the strip Candi should annoy me a bit. Starline’s over-reliance on the manga style and the needs of her day job have conspired to slowly but surely make the day-to-day artwork look shoddier by the day. As an example, the character’s skulls remind me of a bucket of fried chicken with the lid off. As someone said, it looks as if their brains would spill all over the floor if they tried to do a hand-stand. The somewhat less-than-stellar artwork is a symptom of a 'disease' that affects a lot of web comic creators: The Real-World Interference Syndrome. Its other symptom, which I'll cover next, is a slowing down of the production of new material.