November 9th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

The stamina deficit.

As I said earlier, the increasingly shoddy artwork would seem to be a symptom of a fairly common phenomenon amongst the creators of web comics. I've noticed that they start off keeping a fairly regular posting regimen but sooner or later, new material starts to appear less often. That's because real-world pressures like employment or a lack of interest tend to get in the way of the muse. Such is the case with Starline who regularly posts on her Facebook and Twitter accounts about her day job and how it impacts the posting of a new strip. When other creators start saying things like this, they either end the comic outright in order to focus on their real jobs or they taper off to a more sporadic schedule that would accommodate their schedules. Either way, I expect that sooner or later, we'll end up having the story told in a series of monthly snapshots that hint at the detailed story she thinks we want to see.