November 11th, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

The Manga Perplex....

As I've mentioned before, Candi's nemesis Professor Fitzgibbons seems to not be all that enthusiastic about her slavish imitation of manga and refusal to expand her horizons. The reason that that resonates with me is that Starline's own artwork and characterization suffer from her own need to not budge from her own need to regurgitate the values of an alien culture. The chiefest annoyance of the manga world is a character type known as the tsundere; in plain English, a young woman whose need to save face keeps her from the dangerous eventuality of having to admit that a misconception that transfixes her is not only a hindrance to her day to day life, it's also an injustice that makes her look like a vindictive bone-head and, worse still, an ignoramus who doesn't have her facts straight. The Platonic ideal of this dreary nit is one Akane Tendō, fiancée to the afore-mentioned Ranma Saotome. She, as her oldest sister says, is nice enough but a trifle high-spirited and comes equipped with a blind spot: the refusal to admit that the rough-hewn clodhopper her idiot father wants to marry her off to isn't on the same evolutionary level as rats, wolverines and the guy who plays his car stereo way too loud at one in the morning. Admitting that she doesn't have all the facts at hand about this creep or that his surliness towards her is the result of a lack of social skills and insecurities that rival her own or even that he actually does sort of like her would mean that she'd suffer the indignity of being proven wrong. Were there a way that she could admit this without admitting it, she'd be inclined to take it. Since there isn't, she's more or less forced to wale on the idiot for things she probably knows he doesn't deserve to get his melon busted for; to do otherwise would to be to subtract from her credibility. Why, she can't even allow herself to see that the guy's rival is magically cursed to turn into her pet pig at random.

The reason I said that is that there are a lot of these people racing around the Candiverse; what's more, Starline's affiliation and that of her fan base with the genre means that they don't really see it as a bad thing that her strip is loaded with creeps.