November 21st, 2010

Snarky Candiru2

The meddling kids perplex.....

Another reason that the present-day writers might detest Scrappy is that he calls attention to certain logical flaws that have been part of the series since its inception. I'll cover the bigger flaw in my next post but the first problem that occurs to me that, by having someone who's basically an eight year old scurrying through the creepy houses the Gang always find themselves prowling around play-acting at being Rambo while his uncle Scooby, who is a) decently aware of his own mortality and b) responsible for Scrappy's safety and doesn't want to have to explain to his family of mutant canines why the Ghostly Gardener stomped the crap out of the little guy, is trying to keep the plucky little puppy's head attached to his shoulder blades, the writers make me ask the question "Do the Kids actually need to meddle in the first place?" The reason for that question is that, well, the police seem to be exploiting Fred, Daphne and Velma's innate curiosity for their own ends; this becomes something of an irritation when one recalls that Coolsville's Sheriff Samuel "Knucklehead" Rogers is Shaggy's dad. Simply put, the local top cop (who's sort of a permissive version of Chief Wiggum) lets his kid and his pals cowboy around in their van to do the heavy lifting while he gets credit for the bust. Over and again, one finds them running into pissants, cretins and loons who waste insane means on mean ends as the police keep station waiting to take credit for their hard work; this leads me to the second question Scrappy's presence raises: what is Scooby really afraid of?