January 28th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

The vacationers redux.

It should also be noted that by now, Mike and Deanna have started to emulate John and Elly by taking child-free vacations in the South. One would like to think that he would have learned better but since, owing to a combination of being "reminded" that he was happier up North with whoever Elly got to sit for him and his being an entitled jerk, he grew up thinking that this sort of thing was normal and good. Granted, they aren't going to do the exact same things John and Elly did; from what we saw of their honeymoon, I should think that there are some cosmetic differences that must be considered. First off, Deanna is a much better shopper than Elly is; I remember how appalled I was when I reminded myself that most of the bags she brought with her on her honeymoon were for what she intended buying. Secondly, Mike, while doing his fair share of ogling, will probably use the opportunity to do 'research' for his next thick damned book; we could well see Rudy the bartender's life story mutilated in order to produce a tawdry, implausible weepy fit only to be broadcast on Lifetime. Third and finally, we won't see them point out that Meredith would have liked to see this or Robin would have loved to go there; my guess is that the kids are the last things on their minds. Other than that, of course, we can expect a fine old Patterson tradition to take hold; as his parents did and as Sistwirp will when she and Anthony jet away South when the burden of parenthood becomes too hard to bear, Mike will not as such be on vacation with Deanna as such; it would be closer to the truth to say that he and she will happen to share a hotel room. That's the problem I have with their winging away overseas; the strange atomization I've noticed that makes the Pattersons look less like a family and more like a group of housemates with nothing in common but their surnames persists wherever they go.