February 7th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

The source of the housening.

It has recently come to my attention that the story line we call the Housening is based on a real-life event. In one of her more recent notes, Lynn explained that when she was fourteen, her parents had offered to give her recently widowed paternal grandmother a place to stay for six months or so so that not only could she regroup after the passing of her husband, their children would have much-needed supervision. I should think that Merv and Ursula explained to Lynn and Alan that sacrifices had to be made for the benefit of all so complaining about having to live in the basement was not, as we tend towards Briticisms in our speech say, on. Needless to say, Lynn did not take things at all well; she'd regarded the presence of her grandmother as an unwelcome imposition and a sign that her parents lacked faith in her. How then, might one ask, do we reconcile Lynn's fifty-year long tantrum inspired by an ailing old lady who needed to occupy herself more than she needed to indulge a raging know-nothing know-it-all with April's being in the wrong when it happened to her? The answer is simple enough for those of us who remember how vain and silly she can be; if she were to do that, she'd have a good reason for it and thus be in the right. Since the Pattersons are always right, April would have nothing to complain about.