March 26th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Jeopardy is funny.

As josephusrex pointed out yesterday, Lynn's tendency to downplay the need for vigilance as a parent only really comes into play when she needs a punchline or a dramatic hook. This is not only why we have to alarm ourselves watching a small child placed in a dangerous situation by an idiot who thinks that having a baby in the toilet bowl is funny, it's why we have to wonder what John was thinking when he got a dog. I'm not just talking about how Farley died, though; what repulses me is that his death is the end of a lifetime of funny neglect; the first children's book is, after all, a prettied-up version of a plotline that will appear early this summer. You'd think that after Phil had to go looking for him, Elly would see reason and keep him on a lead but you'd be wrong; we not only had to watch him get gastritis from eating garbage, he wound up in an animal shelter for a few days because he didn't have a licence. You'd have to be something of a sicko to think that putting helpless animals and children in danger is funny or cute so it's kind of hard to see how the strip developed a fan-base.