June 2nd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

On Extreme Protagonist Centered Morality, April and Mira.

As we all know, April isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination; that's because history teaches us that she has a huge blind spot named Becky McGuire whose presence makes April act like a ridiculous jerk. Becky never actually had to do anything to earn it but make April feel insecure about herself and, given that she'll be far away from her parents' enabling her appalling but all-too-human need to save face by transmuting perceived defects in herself into treason on her friend's part, will one day shake her head and wonder why she acted so stupidly to someone who wasn't really plotting against her just because, as her granddad told her, she felt small. She'll also regret not admitting it while he was alive.

Another interesting thing about her is that one of the things that her un-Pattersonian habit of reflecting on her past and wondering why she thought she had all the answers will make her do is asking herself why the Hell she ever thought that Mira Sobinski ever won anything. In the here and now, of course, she follows the party line and trembles with fear and disgust at the baleful prospect of having Deanna's monster mother dictate to her. Once she gets away from home and starts seeing the world for what it is instead of what her parents need her to see, she'll probably chalk up her idiotic comment about the woman winning all the time when it's clear that she'd been treated the same way she only thought Becky was treating her to being ten years old and not knowing any better; she'll probably ascribe Elly's not correcting her to her wanting to not do so in public and not embarrassing her. She'll be as wrong then as she is to malign someone she falsely believes to be planning to crush her under her heels with her star power now.

That's because just as a fish knows nothing of water, April doesn't seem to realize that her family's need to boil over in rage at obstacles to their selfishness and vanity isn't only directed at her. This is because she's been kept in the dark about why, for instance, it is that Elly, John and Mike hate Mira so very much. Were she to realize that it's because when her parents, older brother and sister-in-law use the phrase "Sobinski family politics", they mean that they despise Mira for telling Mike to his face that he's a lazy, entitled, self-absorbed bum who's trying to turn Deanna into his grinning slave for the Hell of it when she deserves better than to live in the squalor he prefers and that her loving parents and best buudy brother think that she's way out of line for trying to help a self-destructive idiot in spite of herself, she might start to realize that she has even fewer reasons to feel guilty about not dealing with idiot parents and worthless siblings who were only physically present.

This will be redoubled when she starts to realize that she was right all along about how Anthony and Liz would plow through other peoples' lives to get to the screwed-up, loveless sham of a marriage her parents want for their oldest daughter because it allows them to be Mommy and Daddy forever. It sort of puts a new spin on Elly's horrified declaration that April was turning into one of "them"; she meant "teenager" but my mind keeps trying to turn it into "person who points to the Pattermanse and holds his or her nose to ward off an imaginary vile stench."