June 9th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

The Sobinskis: are they the real Ridgways?

AS I've noticed in the past, it seems that Lynn likes to have idealized and real versions of her characters in the strip. If my supposition is correct, Aaron is not only represented by Mike but by Josef Weeder, Katie is not only Liz, she's also Candice AND April and Rod is John and probably Ted or Greg. When I combine her tendency to juxtapose idealized versions of her family with more true-to-life versipons and her need to use use her strip as a bludgeon to club her family over the head for perceived defects, I find myself thinking that Wilf and Mira Sobinski are the reality that Jim and Marian supposedly represent. That's because Deanna's "please-please-PLEASE despise my mother as much as I do" retcon paints a portrait of a nasty young woman who resented being actively parented by an attentive mother doing her best according to how she was raised as well as the 'weak' father who didn't force her to step off and leave her to her own devices. Having read Lynn's notes, which tell us that Mrs Ridgway was much the same interfering pain who was way out of line for daring to suggest that she didn't know what was best for her and how spineless Mr Ridgway was for not being the Daddy and punishing Mommy for trying to take over the house, Deanna's need to look down on her father for being weak because he usually backed his wife up, it's not hard to see that Deanna is sort of Lynn as resentful jerk.