July 1st, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

More of why the Pattersons make lousy pet owners.

Here's a question for you; say that someone tells you that her dog is rooting around in the garbage and making a mess for her to clean up. Odds are that you'd probably tell her to put the garbage cans in some sort of bin that the pooch couldn't get to instead of, say, yelling at the animal in the hope that if she were to make her point clear enough, the dog would be sufficiently impressed with her sincerity that it would no longer do what's bothering her. If so, you'd be light-years ahead of Elly; no matter how often she's reminded that her theory that the dog understands her perfectly well is bogus, she insists on acting as if the poor, uncomprehending animal is a canny manipulator trying to test her limits. This is because she sees behavior that signifies a certain thing when human beings do it and assumes that since the dog shrinks back in blank-minded fear when she yells at it that he knows what he did wrong. After all, when she does that, she's trying to avoid being blamed for her own incompetence so her dog's gotta be feeling the heat.

That being said, it's sort of heart-breaking to have to reiterate the point I alluded to on Coffee Talk a while ago; it's just not fair that the woman who understands Farley the least, the one who goes out her way to not do so lest she be thought of as being defeated by a mongrel is the person who spends to most time with him. Her sullen refusal to take advice and her need to resent any sort of inconvenience more or less ruined a potentially great pet; what's worse, her need to not listen to warnings about flooding rivers and how they mandate that she do another thing she hates which we call 'keeping track of her children like she's supposed to' ended up killing him.