July 2nd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

On Mind-reading and Dogs

I've noticed a recurring theme whenever Elly interacts with Farley. What usually ends up happening is that Elly thought-bubbles for Farley to not do something that he does instinctively, he does it and she gets angry at him for not reading her mind. I've already covered the fact that no force on Earth can convince her or John that he's simply doing as nature intended him to; Elly would insist that he's deliberately misbehaving to annoy her and John would insist on whatever stupid point he started out with because he's got a brain like a cow's udder. What really irritates me is that she also expects Farley to know what's expected of him without her having to show him; the same factor that gets that idiot John or her boneheaded kids in trouble because she's too stupid and blind to see that she has to tell people what she wants also makes her uncomprehending pooch's life a nightmare.