July 3rd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Beyond Destiny, Part One: the Post-John Era.

As we've been told over the years, Lynn has not only lost any interest in continuing the Patterson saga, she also isn't really all that interested in letting other creators pick up where she left off. Not only would she not be able to control what the characters do, wondering what life after the Settlepocalypse would be like bores and confuses her because of her inability to write things she isn't currently experiencing.

Her refusal to do so, of course, constitutes something of a problem; just as the Schulz family finally seems to have relented and let semi-new material be created, it seems to a lot of people that Lynn is ignoring a potential stream of revenue because she can't see how it would work. Let's, therefore, suppose that a new team were to take over after she passed on. You'd think that they'd probably ignore the Strip of Destiny so as to start things afresh. That, as I've been told, is not necessarily the case.

First off, we could start things off about three or four years after the Settlepocalypse and make the rounds, so to speak, and establish what the characters are doing with their lives. We could start with Elly; as you will recall, the last strip stated that she and John retired so as to travel, read, volunteer in their community and help with the grandchildren. Sometime in the intervening four or so years, John could have done all that and quietly passed on in his sleep of a greaseburger-induced heart attack.

This would allow for something fairly interesting: a look at a woman who, having spent most of her life looking for someone to blame for her problems and for someone to support her feeble endeavors, finally being left on her own for the first time in her life. Watching her have to orient herself, to see which of her values are of value and to finally figure out who's really worth her time would be a fascinating saga that would possibly attract viewers and definitely make the strip cool again.