July 17th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Beyond Destiny: Gateway to a conclusion....

Now that we're really getting serious about addressing old grievances, let's remember Elly's dethroning moment of suck. As we all know, the worst, most annoying thing Elly ever did was not push Anthony on a desperate-for-approval Liz; the worst, most annoying thing Elly did was to fail to secure the gate to the back yard when she knew how easily that a four year old could pry it open and keep April from damned near dying. We all remember the circumstances that led to that day; first off, Elly lied about how there'd be nothing for April to do on the cruise to shut her up, she failed to listen to repeated warnings to keep children within visual range because the Sharon river had overflowed because she herself wouldn't go down to the river so her child wouldn't, said child caught her in a lie and decided to have her own cruise and the rest is easily avoidable history.

Given that Elly was all about how something that was definitely someone's fault occurred because it was fated to and how John decided to buy peace by not letting the issue come up, the necessary confrontation with her own ineptitude, inattention, entitlement and thoughtlessness never occurred within the strip itself. Elly's refusal to learn her lesson from that led her to such triumphs as getting her ass in an uproar because April didn't want to make nice with a violent thug, not believing her when a thief threatened her and letting her asshole husband and cowardly idiot son steamroll the kid into accepting the Housening lest she become Deanna's maid.

This, of course, means that the biggest problem that would face a new team would be how to make Elly see the error of her ways without it looking completely unbelievable. It seems to me that the volunteer work Elly would be shown to be doing would be the best jumping-off point for her letting the skeleton out of her closet and putting it at the head of the table; what that means is that she'd have the sort of bad feeling everyone in the Star Wars universe has at one point or another when a certain child is concerned. It would seem to her that said boy or girl's parents weren't as attentive as they should be and, well, her own past as a negligent idiot awash in self-loathing and under-acknowledged doubt would galvanize her into action.

Said action, of course, would be telling the younger woman not to follow her own stupid example; it's not in Lynn to write Elly as the cautionary example she looks like to yours truly but a new staff would probably do so.