July 25th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Having lots of fun talking in circles....

I've noticed that not many people make the effort to try to convince the Pattersons of anything they don't want to hear. About the only person that does so on a regular basis is poor, fool-hardy little April and we know how much success she has. Let us use the example of her reaction to Liz's bequeathing Jim's harmonica to a lying thief who acted out of spite to demonstrate my point. It outraged April that Liz could be so cavalier with Jim's belongings for so specious and silly a reason but, well, Liz did not see it that way. What Liz saw happening was a special little boy who wanted to show how much she meant to him in an odd manner; his bald-faced lie touched her and she didn't want to give that feeling up because, and this is the clincher, feeling guilty about it would mean that she'd made a catastrophic blunder for a ridiculous reason. Since that can't be the case, April is simply making a great deal of noise about nothing as a means of getting attention.

That being said, I think it's safe to say that most people in the neighborhood tend to lack the sort of masochistic streak the youngest Patterson has so don't go walking around trying to talk to John or Elly about anything that isn't a bland statement of fact. As by way of example, they knew better than to have tried to stick up for the poor child during the Housening because they can see right through Train Man and quickly come to the conclusion that no matter what they say, he'll think "Well, since I, John Patterson, am incapable of being self-serving, unjust and insenstive to the needs of my family and have never made an arbitrary decision or snap judgment based on prejudices I don't have, this man must have obviously misread the situation. I shall help him" and go right on ranting "Chee! I don't know how we ended up raising such a little princess."

This, of course, is because he is a reflection of Lynn herself; since she doesn't like to question why she does things and since most people are aware of that, they don't bother trying to talk to her. They also realize that she has access to means of getting her point across that they don't and would end up looking like they're being petty jerks anyway so tend to let the baby have her bottle. Since Lynn is sort of clueless, she comes away with the same feeling John does when he stupids his way out of a confrontation: that of victory.