September 25th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Hovercar Two: Fooblectric Boogaloo

Another interesting thing about the Pattersons' love affair with the automobile is that what they drove and when became another battlefield in their need to demonstrate supremacy to one another. I can remember on the day of a blizzard, John's little joywagon broke down leaving him with the choice of either taking a cab or more or less forcing Elly to stay home. Since he's an idiot who doesn't understand why Elly needs to work, he tried to sweet-talk her into staying home because his job was more important; since he's a coward, he took a cab when realizing that he was facing a losing battle.

When it comes to battles he can win, there's his ability to adjust the attitudes of his offsprings by controlling their access to vehicles. As a matter of fact, one of the collections draws its title from the fact that John was more worried about where Mike was taking his car than he was the well-being or social status of the boy driving it. Given John's clear need to believe that misunderstandings, goof-ups and the like are all part of a plot to undermine his authority and make of him a laughingstock, I should think that he's giving April holy hell about every little ding in the finish of his more precious than his family vehicle.

That being said, he's willing to cut Elly a damned sight more slack when it comes to messing up behind the wheel; granted, it's probably because he believes in the old stereotype of how having ovaries turns one into a menace to sane, sensible male drivers, actuary statistics be damned, but Elly's overconcern about his reaction seems, well, misplaced.