October 5th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

It's the simple questions that remind us that Elly's nuts.

To get back to the annoyance that is Mike's witless self-sabotage in the name of what he and Deanna call sanity and saving him from dying of overwork and what Evil Mira and we evil picky-faces call torpedoing a promising career because he's too damned limp-wristed to cut it in the real world, the most infuriating part of his failure to be the Great Provider is how he holes himself away in an attic so that he might be protected from the unwelcome and intrustive presence of his children. The reason for this is obvious: he only has enough brain power to do one thing at a time. He can either focus on his glurge or keep an eye on what the offsprings are doing but he cannot do both.

He also can't remember his own past at all well because he can't remember being the offspring getting yelled at by another parent who was too simple-minded to be able to cope with conflcting demands and who also thought that the very idea that demands could conflict was evil and unfair: Elly. Most of the strip's history only makes sense when you realize that Flapandhonk can only focus on one thing at a time and regards any sort of interruption as something concocted in Hell to destroy her. In case that makes her sound like a narcissistic jerk with paranoid ideation, that's pretty much what I intended to say; it's better for her to assume that her children are part of a conspiracy to keep her down than to admit that she's so stunned and stupid that she can't recognize the warning sign that a child knows that she doesn't want to be interrupted but has something that might be important to day.

This leads us to another common sight: Elly screaming in anguish about a catastrophe that her children failed to warn her about when she could have done something about it; it doesn't matter that she ignored their warnings or told them to shut up, they're supposed to know that they can talk to her at any time.