December 10th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

The Pattersons' Retroactive Honesty

This current arc is a reminder that Lynn has a very odd concept of right and wrong; this is because she's asking us to praise Michael for his strength of character when it's obvious that all he's done is not resist the authority figure that caught him. Having to read her simpering that the manager would have been a bad person who kicks puppies, sets fire to kittens and wants Anthony to live up to his unfair and evil promise that he made to stay faithful to someone who wasn't Liz had he punished Mike for being a thief reminds us that she mistakes not being able to think of an alibi with courage.

We also have to remind ourselves that she has very low expectations for people we're supposed to admire. This is why April is a heartless, selfish and coldhearted picky-faced hater who hates because hate is all she is because she doesn't see that Jesse should be praised for lying his ass off about why he stole Grandpa Jake's harmonium, it's why she herself never actually owned up to stealing candy from a convenience store and why Mike had a ticket cut in half when he whined that his speedometer was broken. In all these cases, we're supposed to simper and moan about how great it is that we're dealing with honest people struggling with temptations and not worry about this whole evil male logic and morality thing.

That being said, the same people who bleat about the need to be forgiven because they demonstrated that they had strong moral character by not resisting the people who caught them red-handed aren't even remotely interested in forgiving anyone else for anything. As creations of a moron who wants to be shown a mercy she cannot feel in her own heart, they can do no other.