April 3rd, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Demons with straw bodies: the Kelpfroths and Mr Gluttson.

As we’ve seen, Lynn seems not to be able to work up all that much sympathy for people who choose to not have children. Sure, she doesn’t understand them or to be able to tolerate them especially well but she seems to see it as a person’s duty to at least try to martyr him- or herself by being forced to co-exist with the little strangers that can never be understood. This why we can expect any Liography written about the Kelpfroths to bleat about how selfish they are to not want to share their ‘love’ with offsprings and small ones. Oh, mind you, the malice won’t be as blatant as all that and we will get a bunch of irritating whining about how no one will be left behind to remember them when they pass on but since their influence on the Pattersons was not one they appreciated, they won’t get the build-up job Thelma Baird got. This is, of course, because of the whole “not having a medical reason they can’t have kids” thing I’d mentioned. The fact that they don’t like noise or to have to share their building with noisy children, their toys or ‘parents’ too stupid and immature to control them is secondary to their not wanting to have kids. Any commentary that might be made about how they have every right to not be subjected to a nosey land-lady who gushes over the irritating idiots who live upstairs because they are for some insane reason grateful to live in squalor or how the mother of the asshole wielding the poison pen should be somehow ashamed of herself for fantasizing about Mel's burning to death will no doubt be ascribed to jealousy, malice and spite.

We can also expect Mike’s old boss to get mauled for wanting to be a sort of sleazy pornographer because he did something cruel, horrible and unfair by expecting Mike to make a decision. Since he’s the scion of two people who simply cannot cut it in the real world, he expected to have all the privileges that went with power while deferring the duties that went with it to someone else. Since he expected that Mike would do his job and hurt people’s feelings, he’s a super-villain who’s going to get reamed for being a money-mad monster man; this will take the form of Portrait Magazine going out of business because Mike was no longer there to provide his alleged leadership.