June 5th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

On the undesirability of divorce.

In one of her recent comments, Lynn exaggerated the difficulty of getting divorced in her parents' era owing to a generalized ignorance of the relevant law. Back when she was growing up stupid under the Red Ensign, Parliament did make it difficult to dissolve a marriage; not only did it involve a public airing of dirty linens that people like her parents simply couldn't get behind, the agony lingered for a six month period. That being said, there were people who did brave the legal gauntlet and the reproving glares of those with less fortitude. When she was married to Doug, the marital breakdown that Anthony and Therese suffered was finally allowed as a reason but one had to live apart for three years before a divorce was granted. Once Canada finally had a no-fault divorce law on the books, the rate skyrocketed to match real demand.

The problem is that Lynn's brain is still stuck in the sixties; like her parents, she believes that marital breakdown is not a valid excuse save where it makes her life easier. This is why people have to cheat to break up a relationship; simply parting company because they no longer love one another makes life too easy and could possibly pry the poor, put-upon woman off her cross so it's not a good thing.