June 8th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

The hidden meaning of Jesse Mukwa.

If I recall correctly, I once speculated that the reason that Lynn loved to have disruptive pains in the ass like Jesse Mukwa around is that they served as avatars of her as a student. This exercise in wish fulfillment is more or less what Lynn wished had happened to her as a child. What was supposed to happen was that the teacher would see past the defiance, the sullen refusal to do things that bored her like the rest of the finks and drones and see the good kid underneath the destructive asshattery and whiny malingering.

The problem is that she had to write this because it doesn't seem to have happened in the real world. Her uncool, evil, no fair teachers didn't give a brass farthing for the diamond in the rough. They wanted a quiet, polite child who was willing to do things she found dull like everyone else did. This need to edit history so that it came out right (or, in English, that it meant that Lynn didn't have to face up to being in the wrong) is why we have look at an inept twit dream teacher puffing herself up because she made a pet of a damnable little nuisance.