June 15th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Portrait of a failure: Lynn's defective vision of Mike's resignation.

As I said yesterday, Lynn clearly does not see that she's made Michael out to be a pathetic buffoon who is only too grateful to let himself be exploited by an endless succession of connivers. She clearly seems to see him as a generous soul who is too pure for this sinful world. This, and not his being a down-the-river goober, is why he wound up paying bribes to car park attendants and it's why he had no choice but to resign from Portrait. We in the reality-based world experience him as a repellent nitwit wailing like a child deprived of an ice cream cone because the Bad Man was being unfair and telling him to do his job when it was clear that doing so would make people mad at him. We also drew the inevitable conclusion that his gutless refusal to do so and passing the buck to his replacement has made him a laughingstock who can never work in the industry again.

Lynn cannot see that because she and her fans live in the fate-and-faith based world. In her mind, Evil Patriarch Bonehead Dork Mister Gluttson was asking Michael to do something that HE was supposed to do. Rather than be his evil employer's fall guy, Michael bravely resigned from the evil magazine that was filled with scary information and scandalously evil pictures of women who clearly want to steal husbands away from poor, put-upon mothers who have nooooooo help and nooooo time to themselves because that's what pretty girls just do.

Turning Mike into a hero for leaving a good job because he was staring down the barrel of having people not like him is just as plausible as declaring John a great father for threatening April because she wanted to finish her homework. To make it work, you have to be crazy rampage nuts and dumber than a sack of hair.