June 22nd, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

WE ARE HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME!!!: Elly, the kids and Exile Farm.

As I implied, I think that it's fairly obvious that while John clearly seems to see shipping his children off to the farm he couldn't wait to escape from as a punishment for having what he calls a bad attitude and what human beings call having free will, Elly loves farm life to death. Like a lot of dumb suburbanites who think that roast beef comes from the supermarket, she's enchanted by the magical experience of raising the animals that will eventually be eaten while they're still incredibly hot. This makes of her a female version of the main character of a series of light novels and plays, a Walt Wingfield. Walt, for those who don't know of him, is a stock broker who decided one day to trade in pinstripes for overalls to the baffled delight of his neighbors. The author has a lot of fun contrasting the poor fool's idealism with the unpleasant realities of rural life. This, of course, is owing to his not having his head up his bottom.

Elly, on the other hand, seems to have the naive and somewhat destructive love of a convert for farm life. No matter how messy it gets, no matter how crude some of the locals can be and especially no matter how bored her children are with things, she's having a great time feeling useful for a change. While it is a good thing that for once in her life she feels as if she's making some sort of a contribution, where she and logic part company is where they usually do. Simply put, her inability to see that her children do not think as she does and her hostility to the suggestion that they are not as thrilled to be in the company of old soaks, barnyard animals and snotty bitch hayseed cousins as she is leads her to get snippy when they talk about how bored they are. If Bev can see that the kids aren't all right with it, I should think that Elly's refusal to do so comes from her being a bit of a thickie.