June 29th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Laura, Kortney, Eva and the needed reaming.

You will no doubt remember my hammering away on the fact that the reason John and Elly encouraged April's friendship with Eva relates to their need to blather on about how Becky is not to be approached owing to her being sure to end up like the stiff in Fargo. Simply put, they think that it's good for April to be told that since she isn't a refugee in a war zone, she shouldn't make so much noise about being treated like unwanted furniture and be grateful for her parents. We know that they love people who want to demean their children for kicks because they love Laura. Granted, she hasn't quite gotten the kids to agree that they really are lazy, horrible, selfish monsters who freeload off of their parents instead of working in factories like other children and thus don't deserve to own their own horses, horses that their parents must own as due payment for the outrageous imposition of having to feed, clothe and house defenseless children who could no more survive on their own than John and Elly could fly without the aid of wings and gasoline.

This makes me suspect something rather unpleasant about the whole Kortney-gets-fired arc. I remember reading somewhere that Kortney is the child of one of Elly's friends and, since Mrs Krelbutz vouches for her lazy, thieving daughter, Flapandhonk is loathe to believe a mere child when an adult has said something different. The same part of me that suspects that Elly doesn't want to listen to April because it would mean that a child is the boss of her suspects that maybe, just maybe, Elly wanted Kortney to flatten April to shut her up. I mean, it's not like April would be believed when she said she was blameless and it would have the desired result of letting Elly get robbed so she could keep getting flattered by someone who tells her what she wants to hear instead of what she needs to. Elly would deny this but, well, Elly also denies that Anthony is a scoundrel so we can safely say that she is somewhat allergic to the truth.