February 16th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Deanna: The Worst Girl Wins.

I know that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how stupid Mike is when he starts whining about false-hearted girls who only pretended to love him so they could laugh at him for even wanting affection when he doesn’t even come close to having the facts at hand. As by way of example, it bothers me to have to watch the pushy nitwit saboteur friends Martha got stuck with demand to know everything she does so as to defend herself from their hatefulness almost as much as it bothers me to see Mike not listen when she tries to explain why she can’t keep secrets and avoid being at the bottom of the middle school food chain. The same whimpering dullard who kicked a bassinette out of sheer imbecile malice because he was tired of being ignored grew physically but not emotionally when he went out of his way to not see her point. He was also too God-damned dumb to realize that unlike someone I could name, Martha was at least trying to take his feelings into consideration.

Our lad is also trying his damnedest to keep himself from seeing that when Rhetta suggested that they go on break during University, the only reason that he got pissed off is that he was outraged that a girl dared to decide something like that on her own. Doing that would force him to face the fact that he can’t really see women as being fully human. I mean, a man who thinks in terms of letting a girl think that she has the ability to make up her mind is not someone who can really think of a woman as a person in her own right. Doing that would make him see himself not only as a witless, heartless and spineless poltroon, it would also force him to see that he made the stupidest decision of all: marrying someone who never took anyone’s feelings into consideration all her misbegotten life.

That’s right. I went there and I brought a bunch of stuff back with me. When I look at the Deanna of the early eighties, I see an oblivious little twinkie in pigtails who can stand there like a shivering pillar of shite as Mike gets humiliated and not see the problem. Unlike the jerk kids teasing him, Deanna has no idea that Michael has feelings that can be hurt so all she sees is little boys acting younger than she thinks they should. Her feelings cannot, on the other hand, come within parsecs of being hurt; this, I think, is owing to her being the hateful narcissist that Martha and Rhetta are not. The reason that I mention this is that while Gordon and Lawrence grew up to realize “Man, we were jerks as kids, weren’t we?”, Deanna is still essentially the same annoying twit who responded to a six-year old Mike’s attempt to get closer by whining out loud about being bothered. As an example, the Great Big Sham Wedding is a testimony to how little the concerns of other people mean to her; all that matters is that she wants something and if someone else wants something else, hard cheese, Mira. As far as Deanna can see, her mother should have had the fancy wedding she wanted when she wanted it whining to her about how impossible that is means little to her. An echo of the irritating song and dance we’ve just had to endure occurred a few yeas in when she smugly presented him with a laundry list of things about him that annoyed her only to spend two or three days having a fit when he said that she had a bad trait or two. How dare he allow as how her feelings weren’t the measure of human experience!!

What really seals the deal is that he made the same stupid, useless mistake Elizabeth would make when she married her own destructive failure childhood sweetheart. In both cases, a person who might have stood a chance of escaping from the Hell of having to enslave themselves to John and Elly’s family politics married a total bonehead to piss off a real person.